First female fire chief in all of Pittsylvania County elected in Brosville

Carolyn Jarrett is the new Brosville Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief. (@CourtnyJodonTV)

There is a new chief in town and she is making history in Pittsylvania County. The Brosville Volunteer Fire Department has its first female fire chief.

Carolyn Jarrett was elected in December to take over the reigns after former chief, Kevin Farris, decided not to run for re-election.

"I think it's going to be a great year for us actually," Jarrett said.

Farris was the chief at the Brosville Volunteer Fire Department for a decade.

"I think it's an awesome honor, I mean she has the knowledge and the support and I think she will do a great job with it," Farris said.

Jarrett has been with the Brosville Volunteer Fire Department for 25 years.

"Being the first female in all of Pittsylvania County or Brosville Fire Department means a lot," Jarrett said. "I know most of the people in this community because I grew up in this community all my life."

Jarrett said she has always been fascinated with fire services and always wanted to be a part of helping others one day. She said she had an uncle who recently passed away in Thomasville, North Carolina who was a firefighter his entire life.

"Whether it was him that inspired me so to speak... I just love doing it."

She has a 40-hour a week job at Dominion Eye Center, "But when I leave, if I'm needed, I'm gonna roll," Jarrett said with a laugh.

Jarrett is now in charge of about 55 men and women volunteers in the department.

"There's no discrimination at all," she said. "These guys, I think of them as my brother[s]... some of the younger ones I've always told them you're like my kids."

About two years ago she did something pretty unique not all firefighters get to do in their career.

"I delivered the first baby that I've ever delivered, which was really neat," Jarrett said. "I always said I wouldn't do that, I really didn't care to do that."

But she delivered the baby at the patient's home. Both the mother and child were healthy as can be!

Like Super Woman, Jarrett is up for the challenge and ready to put her best effort forward with the department.

"Girl power," she said. "It's gonna be fun."

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