Feral cat advocates speak out against removal of makeshift shelters near Walden Pond Apts.

File photo of feral cats.

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) — As temperatures dropped below freezing over the last week, animal advocates said feral animals, including a cat population, were in danger.

Caretakers said a feral cat shelter was mysteriously removed from the property of the Walden Pond Apartments. They said apartment management was aware of the colony and allowed them to place the shelter there. The shelter was set up to capture, spay and neuter the cats as a humane way to decrease the feral cat population. It housed up to eight cats.

The caretakers subsequently placed another shelter on an adjacent property, but it was also removed. Several cats were also no where to be found, with temperatures dipping down into the single-digits.

“They certainly could have contacted us to say, ‘please remove these or move these to a different location, whatever, and we would have been willing to do that. All I care about is the cats. I just want the cats to be ok,” said Meredith Buist, a feral cat advocate.

Walden Pond Management issued this statement to ABC 13:

"Walden Pond is committed to the protection and dignity of all animals.

Recently, a private citizen trespassed and placed makeshift cardboard boxes on our property, which can create an environment that attracts other area wildlife and could potentially threaten the safety of our residents. As a result, those cardboard traps were removed.

This same private citizen placed makeshift cardboard boxes on a property adjacent to Walden Pond which were not removed by Walden Pond management or staff.

We are in regular contact and actively working with the Lynchburg Humane Society, an established and experienced organization, to find warm environments for the local cat population to ensure they receive the proper care and attention they deserve during these cold winter months.”

The caretakers are working to find another location to place more feral cat shelters.

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