Farm animals killed, injured in dog attack in Dinwiddie County

(Photo courtesy of WRIC)

DINWIDDIE Co., Va. (WSET) -- A dog is being blamed for killing a family's farm animals and their livelihood in Dinwiddie.

The owners of Mardelian Farm told WRIC in Richmond that they found four of their goats dead on Friday and another eight goats and sheep hurt.

The family makes products from the goat's milk and sells them in local shops; they said the attack happened while they were away from home as well.

"We got home just after dark, that's our usual time to put the animals in and I got out of the car and realized immediately that something was wrong," Cindy Hall, one of the owners of the farm, told WRIC.

Hall said the mother goat and an infant baby goat was dead, two other goats were drowned in a nearby pond, she thinks while they were trying to run away.

"This is our livelihood for the farm," Hall said. "Luckily we do have some milk in storage but we also depend on all of the milk for production."

Right now, Hall is considering buying goat's milk from another farmer or getting more goats.

Dinwiddie Police and Animal Control are investigating, according to WRIC.

Now, this isn't the first time this has happened either. Hall said there was a similar attack in September and they won a lawsuit against the neighbors, so they have filed a civil lawsuit against the same neighbors again.

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