Falwell family reflects on commencement, President Carter visit

Carter at LU.PNG

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - Presidential visits are starting to become routine at Liberty University.

A new friendship has formed between the school's leader, Jerry Falwell Jr., and former President Jimmy Carter, after his commencement speech this weekend.

"There is a sense of nervousness because you don't know what they'll be like in person," said Becki Falwell. The Falwell family quickly saw President Carter's friendliness. They said Mr. Carter stopped and spoke with just about everyone he saw when they took him around campus on Friday.

At 93, President Carter impressed the Falwells. Mr. Falwell told ABC 13 that the 39th president is still as sharp as a tack. "He just picked up on every little point. He's in incredible health for his age."

After meeting with Mr. Carter, Mr. Falwell said they want to work on uniting people, especially Christians during a politically divisive time. They plan to get people to understand that people are never going to agree on all the political issues, but they can agree on helping others.

"Helping the poor and helping the people in need, and let's agree that it's our job and work together in that regard."

At the end of President Carter's visit, the Falwells felt they made a new friend, just like they did last year with President Donald Trump's visit.

"We both got great feelings from both the Presidents and both feel like we're members of their family now," said Mrs. Falwell.

According to Jerry Falwell, the only other time President Carter spoke at a commencement was when it was one of his grandchildren. Falwell said Saturday's speech is expected to be one of Mr. Carter's last.

There is no word on who the speaker will be next year.

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