Exterminator sent to Halifax County High School after post showing cockroaches goes viral

(Dee-Dee Seda)

HALIFAX Co., Va. (WSET) - An exterminator came to Halifax County High School Thursday after students saw multiple cockroaches, according principal Michael Lewis.

The school district made it clear that they bring in pest control periodically to do routine checks to ensure the school is clean for the students and faculty.

But concerned parents aren't sure it's enough, saying they've had problems for years.

A student posted a picture and video of cockroaches that were supposedly in the girl's bathroom.

The school said that in addition to their routine checks they have two sets of custodial staff, one during the day and one at night.

"Yes we have had some minor reports in the past," said Lewis. "You know we take care of them quickly and you know clean the area and move forward."

Parents say this problem needs to be addressed for a permanent solution and the school admits they have had small issues in the past.

"That's scary. You know I don't want that brought back to my home," said concerned parent, Elvis Walker. "You know I don't want my kids around stuff like that and you it, it's ridiculous."

An anonymous staff member at Halifax County High School called Thursday afternoon to defend the school saying there's a way they can cut down on this problem if everyone works together.

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