Experts warn floodwaters may be filled with venomous snakes

    (Virginia Wildlife Management and Control)

    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Threats from hurricanes don't only include storm surges, flooding, and rough winds, but also wildlife that will also be seeking refuge.

    Snakes will be way more visible as waters start to rise and spill over into roads.

    Wildlife experts said the reason snakes are out is because their habitats are along waterways and flooding could dislocate them.

    Some of those snakes are venomous so people need to be extra careful when they are walking out.

    If you are bitten, call 911.

    While waiting for authorities, clean the bite area with basic soap and water, if it's available.

    Don't do any of the old suction, cutting, or tourniquet tricks you may have learned in the past.

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