Elon teachers step up for students impacted by tornado, "we're a big family,"

(Elon Elementary School)

ELON, Va. (WSET) -- Sticking together.

That's what teachers and parents in Elon are doing this week as the community moves forward after an EF-3 tornado devastated several homes.

Teachers said they've been a part of the relief efforts since day one.

As soon as the tornado hit, they said teachers jumped into action washing clothes for students and providing rides to school.

They say they're a big family and this is what families do.

Elon Elementary's principal said between five to six children's homes were hit directly by the tornado.

Teachers and administrators from Elon Elementary have been in the neighborhoods hit the hardest volunteering for the past week and they also set up an emergency services center for families in the area to grab supplies.

Staff say they've made sure to give students the opportunity to share their stories this weekend as a method of therapy.

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"We've just been keeping them busy," said Lorrie Brown, Amherst YMCA's program director. "And it alleviates the parents anxiety bc we're there and they know the kids are safe and they can go out and get things done that they need to get done without having to worry about their children."

The school has partnered with a few local organizations including the YMCA who offered free child care for families in need.

They also partnered with the Red Cross and social services.

Counselors and administrative staff say they're now in the process of creating a wish-list for students whose homes were hit by the tornado.

They're asking students for their favorite stores and clothing sizes.

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