Eight newborn puppies survive sub-freezing temperatures in Va. dumpsters

(Sanctuary Rescue)

NOTTOWAY Co., VA. (WSET) -- Nottoway County investigators are looking for those responsible for throwing newborn puppies wrapped in dog food bags, in a dumpster.

“Somebody put them in an empty dog food bag and proceeded to just dispose of them like they were trash and put them in the dumpster to die,” said Sanctuary Rescue Vet Care Coordinator Nicole Kennedy to WTVR in Richmond.

Sanctuary Rescue wrote on Facebook that the six puppies, estimated to be around 10-days-old, were found by a man who was dumpster diving on Davis Mill Road Saturday when it was 18° outside.

Two were found bloodied and not breathing and unfortunately passed away.

And just two weeks earlier, a couple throwing away trash found four puppies in a different dumpster in the same county.

The rescue said it was the same circumstances and same type of puppies, but they were born at a different time and thrown out in a different brand of dog food bag.

“They were extremely dehydrated and cold when we found them,” said Kennedy. “There’s no way they would have made it much longer than what they had cause of the cold temperatures and not having food.”

The eight puppies are now being nursed back to health.

The puppies will be in the rescue until they are eight weeks old and then will be eligible for adoption.

For now, they are hoping to get donations for formual, since the puppies do not have their mama.

If you would like to donate, you can do so here.

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