Donating effectively to disaster relief

Donations inside the Gleaning for the World warehouse (WSET) 

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - When natural disaster strikes, it's natural to want to give to relief organizations like the Red Cross, Gleaning for the World, and the Salvation Army.

But, what should you give?

Gleaning for the world is careful what they ask for, giving out lists of specific needs that most often include personal hygiene items, non-perishable food, and water.

There are some things, though, they just can't take.

Rev. Ron Davidson says the charity can't use anything that's been in storage for a long time, and anything that's expired.

What about used clothes?

You shouldn't donate those, either.

"I know with Katrina there was one time where they took four tractor trailer loads of used clothing out in a field and burned them, because people were sending them from everywhere with no one to receive it, it's a product that can't be used, because it's not sorted properly," Davidson said.

One thing these charities always need is bottled water.

Gleaning for the World just sent 15 more tractor trailers full of water to Houston, and have four on the way to Florida.

If you want to donate cash or water, you can stop by Gleaning for the World's office in Concord.

You can also check out other charities that are collecting here, here, and here.

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