A K-9 team reaches milestone in Pittsylvania County

Zwei is three-years-old and has been working with Sergeant Michael Szelc for two years at the Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office. He has 37 man trailing finds so far in his career. (WSET)

PITTSYLVANIA Co., Va. (WSET) -- There are two Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office K-9 bloodhounds who have helped their handler reach 100 finds for man trailing.

Retired K-9 Chase and current K-9 Zwei have worked with Sergeant Michael Szelc between his nine years on the job.

What exactly is man trailing? "Evidence that's been found by Zwei or Chase that has been recovered from a track that has helped put people in jail or found missing people," Sgt. Szelc said.

Zwei is three-years-old and has been working with Sgt. Szelc for two years. He has 37 finds so far while Chase had 63. They both currently live with Szelc and his family.

"Working dogs have a little different life," Szelc said. "Their fun is in their work and that's what they live to do."

He said working with both dogs they have been able to put around 80 people in jail together. "The years added up from the dogs finds are 368 years incarcerated," he said.

Szelc said his dogs have been asked to be involved in some pretty serious situations. "We were called to the Boston Bombing," he said. "We were put on standby for the New York escape inmates. We were put on standby for the Pennsylvania murder of two police officers... two blood hounds in the country were utilized and Chase was one of them."

He said he and Zwei get called out to track about 3-4 times a week.

Sgt. Szelc said he wouldn't trade this job for the world. "I'm proud of my dogs," he said. "I just want to continue helping out. We train hard for what we do. It's an everyday task and I'm ready."

Zwei will retire in about three years and Szelc said he is looking forward to continuing to do what they both know best, and that is finding people.

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