Del. Sam Rasoul calls for a stop work order on the Mountain Valley Pipeline

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ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) -- Citing concerns about water quality, more than two dozen activists gathers Monday afternoon to ask the state to stop work on the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

The group, led by Delegate Sam Rasoul (D- Roanoke) says the Department of Environmental Quality and the state water board should stop work on the Mountain Valley Pipeline while they read over more than 11-thousand comments that have been submitted regarding water quality concerns.

Rasoul explained, "DEQ has said there are 11 thousand comment,s so we need to carefully look through them. That to me, is a case for, well, we need to stop work now, so that way the state water control board can carefully consider- do we need a stream by stream analysis. We need to consider how these two projects are going to impact our drinking water."

Sediment and erosion has long been a concern for people against the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

In May, storms led to sediment flowing down Cahas Mountain Road in Franklin County. DEQ issued a stop work order following that, while new sediment control was put in place.

At that time, a spokesperson for the Mountain Valley Pipeline said that the sediment did not reach a nearby stream.

There have been similar complaints made in West Virginia as well, where the Mountain Valley Pipeline was issued a violation for a lack of sediment and erosion control.

The state water board is scheduled to meet August 21.

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