Danville's fittest compete in 12-hour long running race

A runner completes a lap during the 12 hour long Green Monster Race. (WSET)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- Do you think you could run for 12-hours?

Some runners in Danville did just that today for the first ever Green Monster Endurance Race.

Runners jogged laps through a 1.7 mile trail at Anglers Park.

The goal is to run as many laps as you can for however long you want.

The laps are timed and runners could earn medals along the way.

Adam Jones, the race organizer said anyone could run it with proper training beforehand.

"Go out and just put time on your feet," Jones said. "Don't even look at a pace. Just go out and say 'hey, this weekend I'm going to run for two hours straight. I'm going to run for an hour today.' And just let your body start to acclimate to just being on your feet."

The top male and female runners with the most laps win "Green Monster" bobble-head trophies.

The race continues until 8:0 p.m. Saturday.

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