Danville wins $25,000 as part of Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge


DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- The Dan River Region is being awarded for its strides to become one of the healthiest cities.

The area's Health Collaborative got the Spotlight Award as part of the Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge.

Among 50 small cities across the United States, Danville is one of 10 winners to receive $25,000.

The Aetna Foundation is behind this, recognizing their efforts to solve local health issues.

"The healthy eating and action team is looking at a local food system. So how can we address food insecurity and increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. While also providing economic opportunities for our farmer and food based entrepreneurs," said Elyse Jardine, the project manager of the Health Collaborative.

This year alone they've passed a "health for all" resolution through Caswell County and helped to bring healthy eating and living into the schools and workplace.

The collaborative is also taking under-resourced children and teaching them how to grow, sell and market their own food.

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