Danville Science Center unveils new sports exhibit

Danville Science Center unveils new sports exhibit (Photo: Caren Pinto/WSET)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- Most children love to play sports, but do they understand the science behind what they are doing? The Danville Science Center unveiled their new sports exhibit Tuesday to help teach children the science behind the activities.

The exhibit provided lots of ways for them to learn, while still staying active. The exhibit is called "Team up! Explore Science and Sports."

Millie Crawford, brought her three children to the exhibit, she said, "There's a lot of activities here, that they're learning with out even realizing" she adds, "If they come in and learn more about the physiology of sports, they will be more excited to play them, and there's a lot of cool activities here at the science center".

Tunstall high schools coach, Marc Parrish, tells me the exhibit gives kids a good foundation to learn the fundamentals of their favorite sport, "This also gets them enjoying and seeing science at work at a young, age, and get them interested in science and how it applies to the real world"

It's science basics, which kids can utilize anytime they want to.

Adam Goebel, Executive Director of the Danville Science Center, added, "This is just one of the many ways to show people, how science is relevant in their lives"

The exhibit will be open though December. It seems to be helping tourism of the Danville area; various regional sports teams and groups are booked to come check out the exhibit all summer long.

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