Potential salary study at Danville Public Schools aims to attract teachers

Danville Public Schools look to complete study that would compare their salaries to other school districts. (Photo: WSET)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- Danville Public Schools are considering a study that will give them insight on how competitive their salaries are compared to neighboring districts.

Superintendent Dr. Stanley Jones explained that though teaching is the profession that creates, it is not treated that way in the marketplace.

"[The study] will look internally to see if thee is equity in our scale based on years of experience and it will also look externally to compare us to other school divisions," he said.

Jones called the national shortage of teachers a crisis.

He added that to attract the best teachers Danville needs to make sure they are competitive with pay.

"We don't want anyone doing this work unless they want to change lives," Jones said.

Jones estimates the school district is fairly competitive for teacher salaries, but not with principal and administrative salaries.

He shared that he suspects that Danville Public Schools have a lack of balance when it comes to pay increments over the years.

According to Jones, the problem would be finding funding if the study shows that they need to pay more.

The Danville School Board will vote on approving the study on Thursday.

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