Danville schools postpone events and activities surrounding National Walkout due to snow


DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- Danville City Schools had no plans to participate in the National Walkout on Wednesday, March 14, but the in-school activities planned for that day are now postponed.

After the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida which left 17 dead and over a dozen injured, scores of students have been pushed into a position of political leadership in the national debate over gun violence. Many of them not even old enough to vote.

More than 18,000 people around the country plan to take part in the 17-minute walk out from 10 a.m. to 10:17 a.m., but Danville Public Schools had instead planned in-school activities for that day.

Superintendent Stanley Jones blames mother nature for Danville Public Schools events surrounding the day to be postponed. This week's two snow days are delaying schools plans.

Jones said this national protest has put some pressure on public schools. With the in-school events, he said they were looking to balance the voices of their students who want to recognize the lives lost to school violence, but without getting involved in the politics of protests.

Galileo High School students are planning to hold a unity event, but it will now be held on Friday instead of Wednesday.

"They'll actually create these unity paper link chains and they'll talk about how they can make a difference in the world," Dr. Jones said. "They really want to use it as a moment to reflect on those lives that have been lost as a result to school violence."

Jones said if students had wanted to organize some form of protest on their own, they should have planned accordingly with teachers and parents by now.

Jones said they don't want to deny students the opportunity, but also can't take the lead on disrupting instruction. He said students must still follow school rules.

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