Danville kids learn to become crime scene investigators through summer camp

    Kids learn how to identify bite marks on skin at CSI camp at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research. (WSET photo)

    From the classroom to the real world. Kids are learning the ins and outs of crime scene investigating with a camp at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research.

    Averett University students who are part of Americorps at Danville Public Schools and at the research institute are teaching kids about science and other things.

    This week they're helping out with the Crime Scene Investigation camp.

    Campers have been learning to become investigators by taking finger prints and crime scene photos as well as casting footprints.

    Averett student and Americorps member Morgan Jones said active learning like this is very important for young kids especially during the summer months.

    "Being that these are middle school students and they are going to the high school level it's an opportunity for them to explore what they like and what they don't like as far as well 'Science is my thing or I really like crime scene investigation,'" Jones said. "A lot of these students by participating in these camps, they make decisions about their careers."

    Becoming a crime scene investigator one day is definitely on their career radars.

    "The different methods that they teach us and how to do things here is going to help me in the future," Malithia Stroud,13, said. "Like help me get my career and help me do good in college for this type of career."

    "I've really thought about doing this from a young age because it looked like a lot of fun and you really get to help people by doing this job," Zach Parker, 13, said.

    If you would like to sign up your kids for future camps the research institute will be holding, you can visit their website. You can also contact Dana Silicki at dana.silicki@ialr.org.

    From the July 17th- 21st Jones is leading a chemistry and astronomy camp for 3rd through 6th graders. It will be called Chem at the Station.

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