Danville is home to organic foods company

Sky Valley Foods in Danville uses only natural, organic ingredients in their products. (WSET)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- "Danville is the home of Organicville," said Sky Valley Foods CEO Rod Troni.

That is one of the product brands made at Danville's Sky Valley Foods.

Organicville is a line of organic sauces and dressings.

The company uses only natural, organic ingredients and Troni said they want consumers to benefit from that.

"The whole idea is do it with organic foods because they're so much better than just doing it with foods that you don't know what ingredients might have," Troni said.

He says it surprises many people that the company is in the area.

He wants that to change.

"It's only been here since 2015, so perhaps there is an opportunity for us to let more people know that we are in Danville and very proud to be here," Troni said.

He added that the company created between 60 and 80 jobs when it made Danville its home.

Joel Minkoff, who is a chef for the company, loves the direction it is headed.

"Sky Valley is in a building mode, where they want to build their clientele base, build their portfolio, build on innovation, build on culinary and that's just very exciting," Minkoff said.

Many of their Organicville products are sold nationwide including at some stores in the area.

Troni said the national trend of eating organic foods is growing here too.

"Organic is the best assurance that they can have that a product is a better for you product, so that works nationally and its happening in Danville as well," Troni said.

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