Danville holds 7th annual River District Festival

The city of Danville held its 7th annual River District Festival on Saturday. (WSET)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- It's been a tough week and a half for the city of Danville and Saturday's River District Festival was a good chance for people to let loose and unwind.

Several booths were lined up along Bridge Street selling items like art and food.

There was even some dancing and a video game truck.

The festival is aimed at bringing the community together and this year that message was even more important.

"They got a lot of things going on for the adults and the kids. For people that lost things in the flood and were without power, this is a great event to just come out and clear your minds," said Marlo Burton, who was attending with his family.

The 5-K Glow Run and the Half Marathon were canceled due to damage caused to the trails by the flooding.

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