Danville Fire Dept. welcomes five new firefighters

(Danville Fire Dept.)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- The Danville Fire Department has five new firefighters.

Five men graduated from the Danville Fire Department's Fire academy and started on the job this week.

Before they started, the department was down seven firefighters.

Chief David Eagle says it's great to have more boots back on the ground on scenes, helping with responses when you need it most.

Chris Scott is one of the new guys and Wednesday was his second day on the job.

Right now, he says they're learning the ropes.

"Just honestly learning the trucks, kinda learning what your captain, your engineer, your other firefighters expect of you so you can kinda prove to them you can do stuff for them," said Scott.

The new firefighters will work with a mentor and be on probation for their first year.

The department still needs to fill three vacancies, due to a retirement.

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