Danville Community College Embraces Black History Month

DCC is using the arts to appreciate many different cultures. (Photo: @ValB_WSET/ Twitter)

A local community college is embracing Black History Month and using it as an opportunity to teach its students about a wide variety of cultures. All month, Danville Community College has invited students to different programs. Tuesday, was an extra special treat.

Keyboards, drums and a Congo: sweet music from the Caribbean attracted a crowd to DCC's Student Center.

"I love it" said student Wesbert Baptiste. "It's getting to me. I can feel the rhythm moving through my body."

"I''m glad to see it because a lot of people in Danville say there's not a lot of stuff like that to be seen or heard," said another student, Jasmine Smith.

The band calls themselves Ewabo; They travel to schools all over the east coast to play their music. Inviting the group to play at DCC is only part of the school's efforts to expose students to new cultures.

"I think when people hear African American or Black people, they think that everyone is the same," said English Instructor Kyesha Jennings. "But the diaspora of African descendants is broad. It includes Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Dominicans."

Instructor Kyesha Jennings started a new African American Literature class this year to promote, what she calls, culture competence.

Diversity is what the school aims for, especially when bringing in musicians, like these.

"I always tell individuals, if you do nothing else, try one cultural event that you have not tried before, so that you can be enlightened and you will know what other cultures experience," said Alice Walker, DCC's Coordinator for Black History Month.

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