Danvile looks to revamp the Old West End


Vacant buildings can be a huge eyesore, but there's a new plan to turn some abandoned apartments in Danville into hot property.

Jefferson Court Apartments is the city's next big project.

They're located in the historic district of Danville's Old West End.

The apartments have laid dormant since 2014 because of structure and infestation issues.

The city wants to turn them into upscale apartments.

Adam Jones lives near the old building and said he can't wait.

"There's a lot of different little eyesores around here, having those renovated would be huge," said Jones. "If they were some kind of upscale lofts or nice apartments it'd be great."

The city was given a $125,000 Community Impact Grant to fix some of the issues.

Once that's done, the Danville Neighborhood Development Corporation will buy the property from its current owner in Texas.

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