Daily Bread in Lynchburg prepares guests for Hurricane Florence

Lynchburg Daily Bread serving their guests Tuesday afternoon for lunch. (@CourtnyJodonTV)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Lynchburg Daily Bread is being cautiously optimistic about Hurricane Florence hitting our area.

Daily Bread serves a free hot lunch every day of the year and Executive Director Tracey Dixon said that is still the plan even with the storm headed towards the Lynchburg area.

Dixon said they did not lose power in the Derecho or any recent storms, so she said they are hopeful they can get through this one.

Just in case they can't open their doors, they have been sending extra food and canned good items with their guests to take home.

"The biggest question mark is how many staff and volunteers we can get down here and we need at least four people to pull off a lunch and so as long as we got four people, we're a go," Dixon said.

She said they do not have a generator, but do have solar panels.

Dixon explained if they happen to lose power, they will still be able to serve some type of meal as long as they have the volunteers.

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