Confederate flag supporters rally outside of Danville museum

Confederate flag supporters rally outside of Danville museum (Photo: Caren Pinto/WSET)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- The Confederate flaggers are back at it again. This morning members of the Heritage Preservation Association met - flags in hand - outside the Danville Museum.

On August 6th, 2015, the city of Danville passed a flagpole ordinance to remove the Confederate flag from the museum grounds. The president of this group, Robert Wayne Byrd, believes there has been less support of the Danville Museum because the flag is down. He also believes that if the flag was put back up, it would help overall tourism in Danville.

Byrd says, "Why we had it here was to draw attention of the last capital of the confederacy here in Danville Virginia, and get our tourism, people coming in here, and visiting us in the city of Danville, we're proud of our history and heritage here in Danville"

Members of the association believe the removal of the flag is a direct insult to to not only Danville veterans but American veterans as well. Opponents of the flag disagree, saying the flag is a symbol of division and hate.

The group says their law suit to have the flag put back up is still pending in the state supreme court.

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