City officials decide to take over local skate park

Lynchburg City Council met to make a decision on the Rotary Skate Park. (Photo: WSET)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- The Lynchburg City Council made the decision Tuesday to take over the Rotary Skate Park.

Council members discussed vandalism and other concerns, including the number of skaters that were active in the park.

Nearly 800 people signed a petition urging the city to step in to keep the park open.

"We're really happy the council decided to open the skate park and we can't wait to skate in it, and I'm glad they made that decision," said Jacob Moody, an advocate for the park.

The city is now working to have Amazement Square sign over the deed to the park.

"We've asked [Amazement Square] to value their Memorandum of Understanding and weigh in on this," said Lauren Dianich, so-organizer of "Save the Rotary Skate Park".

According to officials, if their plan does not work, the next step could involve a lawsuit.

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