City of Danville gearing up for winter storm


    DANVILLE, Va (WSET) -- The city of Danville is doing their part to prepare for Saturday's storm.

    Here is what they plan to do:

    Danville is under a winter storm warning from midnight Saturday to 11 a.m. Monday.

    The timing and snowfall totals have changed since the Friday forecasts. According to the latest forecast from the National Weather Service in Blacksburg, snow will begin falling in Danville around 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. Sunday. The snowfall will begin light, but with heavy bands at times. Snow will begin accumulating by 6 a.m. and will be heavy throughout the day. The latest forecast models also indicate higher snowfall amounts than previously expected for Danville. A total snow accumulation of 10 to 12 inches is likely, but could range as high as 18 inches before ending after midnight Sunday. On Monday morning, the snow event will have ended, but we could still see flurries for the Monday morning commute to work.

    Gov. Ralph Northam has declared a state of emergency in advance of the winter storm due to the effects anticipated for southern and southwest Virginia.

    Temperatures are forecast to reach a low of 28 degrees overnight Saturday, and climb no higher than 32 degrees on Sunday.

    Any resident and visitor in need of shelter should call the non-emergency number for the Emergency Communications Center. That number is (434) 799-5111. The center will arrange to meet the need.

    Public Works snowplow crews are prepared for a round-the-clock snow removal operation. When plowing begins, crews will work only on the highest traffic volume roads until the end of the snow event.

    When the snow event has ended and the main thoroughfares are cleared, crews then will move to streets that connect to primary routes and bus routes. The final stage will be residential neighborhoods. Generally, it takes 24 to 36 hours after the snow event has ended to plow all residential streets. We do not clear private streets and alleys.

    Residents and visitors should not travel if possible. Not only is travel dangerous during a winter storm, but it also will pack the snow accumulation on the street and make the snow removal more difficult. Also, by staying off the streets, crews can clear streets more quickly.

    If you must travel, proceed with caution. Only the major thoroughfares have been pretreated. Remember that your car cannot start, stop or turn as quickly and surely on snow as it does on dry pavement, so think and drive accordingly, and be cautious driving and walking in parking lots.

    Our power and light crews are on standby and prepared to respond to any outages. Power outages are likely because this storm will bring wet, heavy snow, which weighs down power lines and tree limbs. Electric customers whose residence or business is without power should call Danville Utilities at (434) 773-8300 to report the outage.

    When widespread outages occur, power and light line crews first are assigned to make repairs based on restoring power to the greatest number of customers in the shortest time. As lines are repaired and crews become available, they are assigned to areas with fewer outages.

    Customers should note that during the power restoration effort there are times when crews must temporarily shut off power to an area to make repairs. Once major lines serving a neighborhood are repaired, power may be on at some houses and off at others because of additional damage to lines and equipment serving those homes. Some houses may have electric service when others do not because houses may be on different lines or circuits.

    Each outage has different circumstances and some may take longer to identify the source of the problem. Widespread damage makes it more difficult to accurately predict when a particular customer's power will be restored.

    Customers using medical devices must make other arrangements in the event of a power outage and temporarily go to a location or medical facility that does have power. For customers unable to make other arrangements, they should call the non-emergency number for the Emergency Communications Center. That number is (434) 799-5111, option 8. The center will notify one of the participating agencies to meet the need.

    Residents and visitors should be aware that downed power lines are dangerous. Please call 9-1-1 immediately.

    Since this is the first major storm for the winter season, we encourage you to take a look at the resources on our winter storm page. The page provides links to the news releases and alerts issued for this storm. It provides answers to frequently asked questions on snow removal and power outages. The page also has links to winter weather tips. The page also includes a link to food safety information from the Virginia Department of Health.

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