City councilman asks for the community to help solve homicides

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    LYNCHBURG Va. (WSET)-- A Lynchburg city councilman says it's time to put an end to the violence.

    Ward II Councilman Sterling Wilder says the community needs to step up and hold criminals accountable before another death.

    18-year-old Keshawn Dickerson was shot and killed in the 2000 block of Third Street Sunday morning.

    "Anytime I see a young, promising young man gunned down, it hurts," Wilder told ABC 13 News.

    The death of Dickerson is the sixth homicide for the city this year, the third of a man not even 30 years old.

    "We can't be successful if our kids are still dying on the streets," Wilder said.

    Dickerson is the third homicide this year where police haven't yet made any arrests.

    Councilman Wilder represents the area where all the killings have happened.

    He says you need to not be afraid to speak up and talk to the police if you know something.

    "No one wants to gets killed or hurt or abuse of some kind," Lynchburg resident Ruth Johnson said.

    "The community needs to speak up. If you see something go on in your community that's not right, you should say something," Lynchburg resident Sherisse Carr said. "You should do something."

    Wilder says if we continue with the status quo, we will continue to have this conversation.

    He's hoping the ENOUGH events have driven people to say it's time to take back their neighborhoods and stop letting the bad guys get away.

    "If not, then it's going to keep happening and before you know it, it's going to be your child being killed," Wilder said.

    Lynchburg police ask the community to contact them for any detail, no matter how small.

    If you don't want to talk with someone, you can submit your tip anonymously through Crime Stoppers.

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