Chatham turns empty building into art gallery

New art gallery in Chatham sells local artists' work

CHATHAM, Va. (WSET)- A group of southside locals has revamped an old building and turned it into a place many can enjoy.

Reid Street Art Gallery is now open in Chatham.

The director says the building was empty for more than a year and the owner wanted to turn it into something everyone in the community can benefit from.

The group started revamping the building in August, and just opened its doors on Friday.

"Mr. Davenport owned this building and he wanted it to be a vital part of the community and not just sit deteriorating so we asked around people around the community and everyone seemed to be of the idea we needed some arts and cultural in the area," said Alisa Davis, Director of Reid Street Gallery.

The gallery sells art pieces, pottery, jewelry and more from at least eight local artists.

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