Charitable Organization Hosts Birthday Celebration For 10 Year Old With Special Needs


Bedford VA-- All 10-year-old Ayden Carter wanted for his birthday was friends to share it with.

Thanks to the newly created organization Crowd Funnit that wish came true on Saturday Afternoon.

Ayden has autism and his parents say it affects his ability to socialize with other children.

They've been throwing parties for him for several years, but only one or two children would ever show up.

That's when they took matters into their own hands and reached out to the organization to help.

Crowd Funnit raised money to hire a DJ and photographer, while also putting the word out on social media about Ayden's big day.

"It's a little overwhelming. It's crazy, everybody has come together to do all this for Ayden," said Rebecca Carter, Ayden's mom.

The founder of Crowd Funnit says he was also excluded as a kid because of his disability and wants to make sure no child ever feels alone.

Their team made an eight hour drive from New Jersey all to put a smile on Ayden's face.

"Our motto at Crowd Funnit is every child deserves a happy birthday with friends and unfortunately there's a lot of children that get bullied at school and outside of school because kids think they're different. We're trying to raise awareness to change that," said Richard Stripp.

You may remember Crowd Funnit threw a similar celebration for Daymian Manus this past August in Roanoke.

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