CDC: Virginia is the 38th 'fattest' state in the United States

(MGN Online)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Virginia is not far from being in the top 10 to lowest obesity in the population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC recently released its list of the fattest states in America.

Virginia is near the bottom at number 38, but our neighbor, North Carolina, is much higher at number 16.

Mississippi is the most obese state, while Colorado is the least.

The data shows that more than seven in 10 U.S. adults aged 20 or older are either overweight or obese.

Rates are lower for children and adolescents, but have risen steadily almost every year, according to the data.

For obesity rate, Virginia ranked number 26, both adults and children older than six-years-old were considered for this data.

WalletHub took the data from the CDC and looked at what Americans are spending their money on to lose weight and on the food they eat.

The U.S. spends in total nearly $200 billion in annual health care costs related to obesity, they found.

Diabetes costs the U.S. economy over $245 billion per year, making it the country’s most expensive disease and it's also the third most deadly disease claiming more than 80,000 lives per year.

In order to determine the fattest states in America, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across three key dimensions: 1) Obesity & Overweight Prevalence, 2) Health Consequences and 3) Food & Fitness, they wrote.

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