Carlbrook School Permanently Closes; Gives Students and Staff Short Notice

A boarding school in Halifax County is closing its doors for good. Carlbrook School is sending all of its students and staff packing right before the Christmas holiday, on just a few days' notice.

Right now, administration is refusing to release any information about the closing to the public. When ABC 13 went there Friday, we were told to leave.

Several employees and students of the school took to Facebook to express their frustrations. According to several posts, parents, students and staff were all told Wednesday that the school will close on Sunday.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools told ABC 13 they have been informed the school plans to close, but have received nothing in writing yet. Halifax County Public Schools also confirms it will keep the students' school records until they are able to transfer to another school.

According to Carlbrook's website, it states it's a private, therapeutic boarding school with 80 students and 45 staff members. Multiple employees tell ABC 13 the school had more than 50 employees. Carlbrook reportedly opened in 2002.

Most, if not all, of the students who attended this school are from out of state. Administration will not confirm any information, stating they'll send out a press release this weekend.

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