Candidates for Virginia's 5th District vying for votes on Southside

Denver Riggleman was in Danville on Saturday meeting with folks ahead of Tuesday's election.

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- The race for Virginia's fifth district is close and both candidates, Democrat Leslie Cockburn and Republican Denver Riggleman, are vying for votes on the Southside.

Riggleman was in Danville Saturday meeting with folks.

Cockburn was close by in Chatham doing the same.

The two have traded blows in television ads lately with Cockburn saying Riggleman took money from far right extremists and that he wants to scrap Medicare.

Riggleman said those claims are false.

"We've dealt with this the whole campaign. It seems like they have a little trouble with the truth and trustworthiness issues. Being born and raised in Virginia, it bothers me a little bit, but the truth is getting out there," Riggleman said.

Riggleman's ad bashed Cockburn for her plan of universal healthcare. Cockburn said her focus is more on affordable healthcare.

"Right now our country pays more for healthcare per person. Twice as much as any other industrialized country in the world," Cockburn said.

Both candidates talked about how vital it is to meet with potential voters during the last weekend before the election.

Supporters on both sides explained why you should get out and vote for them.

Danville Vice Mayor Lee Volger said he is supporting Riggleman.

"I think he would be someone who truly gets what we're doing economically not just now, but where we're moving in the future," Vogler said.

Former congressman Tom Perriello said he is with Cockburn.

"She's putting solutions on the table that actually make a difference in people's lives in Danville, Pittsylvania County, really across the Southside and I think that's what people really want in this district," Perriello said.

Voters have the final say on Tuesday.

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