Campbell Co. Supervisor asks if closing William Campbell would make sense for county

(William Campbell High School)

CAMPBELL Co., Va. (WSET) -- Three years ago the thought of closing William Campbell Combined School and consolidating with another school was used as a way to help Campbell County prosper, now that idea has been brought back on the table.

A Campbell County supervisor asked if consolidation would make sense for the county at their joint meeting with the school board on Tuesday, February 20.

There are four high schools in Campbell County, Brookville, Rustburg, Altavista, which is a middle and high school and William Campbell, also a combined middle and high school.

Supervisor Bob Good said that at Tuesday night's meeting he asked the school superintendent if there would be a point in time when it makes sense to look at potentially consolidating William Campbell.

Good says it could help save money and then the county could reinvest that money saved into other education costs and adds that it would potentially provide a better educational experience.

He explained that the superintendent acknowledges that they aren't always able to offer the same type of programs at William Campbell, but the one concern would be travel.

"I think many parents would trade a better educational opportunity, better experience if it meant a little bit further travel," said Good. "So, my suggestion was or question was is it time to look at that or when does it make sense to look at that."

There is no specific timeline on this, Good's suggestion is that it needs to be evaluated, along with other options.

The superintendent was not able to comment.

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