California woman looks to return Halifax County class ring that she found

Krystal Kraft says she found this ring at the bottom of a box she found. Now she's trying to return it (Picture: Krystal Kraft).

UPDATE 8:53 p.m.

Priscilla Logan called ABC 13 and is thrilled about the possibility of getting her ring back.


HALIFAX CO., Va. (WSET) - A woman living in California is trying to return a special ring to someone right here in our area.

Krystal Kraft says she has family in Virginia. Fifteen years ago she bought a box of items at an estate sale.

Later she realized at the bottom of the box there was a class ring from Halifax County High School.

On the ring it says Priscilla Ann Logan. Kraft says it's from the class of 1988 and she's determined to return it. "This ring could be precious to who it belongs to and they maybe have children and want to pass it down to their children. That's how I look at certain things and that's why I'm so sentimental."

If the ring belongs to you, or if you know Logan, contact ABC 13.

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