Buena Vista police, fire rescue woman and pets from burning house

Buena Vista police and fire had to rescue a woman from her burning home Saturday June 9th, 2018. (Photo: Whitney Burney)

BUENA VISTA, Va., (WSET)---A charred front door and broken glass still sit on 39th street after a weekend fire that nearly claimed the homeowners life.

The fire started in the 100 block of 39th street Saturday evening. Officers with the Buena Vista police department were the first on scene.

"Very hot, very smoky, very dark, the visibility was very, very low," said Sergeant John Snider as he described the scene.

Police say when they arrived, neighbors told them a woman and her three dogs were still in the home. Officers say they immediately jumped into action.

"You don't really have time to think, you just do," said Snider."In this situation, we thought someone was inside and we were going to do everything we could to try to save that person."

Minutes later, first responders pulled the homeowner and her 3 pets to safety. Police say one of the three dogs' injuries were too bad and the animal later had to be euthanized.

Officers say if they had to do it all over again, they still wouldn't hesitate to run in.

"You just have to jump in and find something to do and do whatever needs to be done at that time," said Snider. "I feel like it's an everyday thing here and anyone of us would have done the same thing."

The homeowner is at the Duke University Hospital being treated for her injuries. The Buena Vista police say they're praying for her speedy recovery.

The BVPD officers also say they want to thank the Buena Vista fire and rescue squads who were a monumental part of the rescue. Neither the rescue squad or fire department were available for interview this afternoon.

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