Buckle Up: Seatbelt use brought to the forefront after six ejected in Bedford Co. crash


FOREST, Va. (WSET) -- One teenager involved in the Bedford County Crash early Sunday morning is fighting for his life.

A family member of Cade Bailey posted a message on Facebook said that he's in a coma after he and six other people under the age of 21 were ejected from a Jeep that rolled over in a crash.

None of the passengers were wearing seatbelts.

A group at Jefferson Forest High School has a simple message; it doesn't take long and it could save your life. Buckle up.

Senior Chandler Hood has been part of the group YOVASO since he was a freshman at JF.

"As all teenagers know and adults know, teenagers do not like listening to adults," he said.

YOVASO or Youth of Virginia Speak Out is run by Virginia State Police where peers work with fellow students to help prevent their number one killer, car crashes.

"We can stop this we can change this," said Hood. "There doesn't have to be a car accident, there doesn't have to be a student loss."

Hood said he did not know the six people ejected from the car crash early Sunday morning, but says it hits home for everyone.

"Bedford County is a family, and we all are affected by that," he said. "That tragedy happened and it could have been a whole lot worse, and people got lucky, but there are easy ways to prevent this."

Hood says the crash will bring buckling-up to the forefront.

"If you don't talk about it and don't keep it in their heads it just goes out the window," said JF School Resource Officer, Rachel Goff.

Goff says they'll be discussing the Bedford County crash at the next YOVASO meeting.

"When they know them, and they are acquaintances, it is enough to hit home," she said.

The message is a simple one, but one that could save your life.

"It takes two seconds to do, put your seatbelt on," she said. "Buckle up. That's all I have to say."

Along with buckling up, Virginia has strict driving law for teens that include only one passenger under the age of 21 allowed in the vehicle if the driver is under the age of 18, unless there is a licensed parent in the vehicle.

After a year of having your license, you can have up to three passengers for certain reasons, including an emergency, and if you are under 19, Virginia law does not allow driving from midnight until 4 a.m.

State police have not released the names of the six people from Sunday's car crash.

Police said the passengers included an 18-year-old man, 18-year-old woman, 19-year-old woman, 20-year-old woman, and 20-year-old man, along with the 17-year-old driver.

The crash remains under investigation.

Charges are pending.

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