Brother and sister donate birthday presents to CASA for other children to enjoy

Josie and Jett donated their birthday toys to CASA so other children could enjoy them (Photo: CASA of Central Virginia)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Most kids can't wait to open their birthday gifts, but one local brother and sister decided to give their birthday presents to kids who needed them more.

Seven-year-old Josie and nine-year-old Jett recently had birthdays and had their party guests bring them toys so that they could give them away to CASA.

The non-profit serves more than three hundred local kids a year who are going through the court system.

A majority of them are five-years-old or younger and they've been taken from their homes, leaving everything behind.

CASA members say there's lots of privacy involved with the children they help, so sometimes it's hard to get donations since people don't realize what it takes to do what they do daily.

But, CASA said if only the public could know the stories and see the faces of the children, they would understand the need.

That's why something as simple as a new toy can mean so much.

"They leave all of their toys and everything that they know behind, so when a CASA worker brings them a gift, either on their birthday or some special occasion, it means a lot more than even sometimes other kids getting gifts, because they don't have anything with them," said Tami Jacob, the Development Director at CASA.

CASA is always accepting donations.

If you want to help, you can donate monetarily or bring new toys to their office downtown.

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