Proposed brewery bill doesn't scare local brewers

Ballad Brewing (WSET)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- Craft beer is beginning to make it's mark in Danville.

Tasting rooms like the one at Ballad Brewing are becoming more common and now Virginia wants to stamp another regulation on them.

A proposed bill would require breweries with tasting rooms to make at least 20 percent of their beer on site.

But would this affect a small brewery like Ballad?

"It doesn't have a huge impact on us at Ballad, but it is nice to see that the Virginia brewers are making sure that other Virginia brewers are taken care of and that the expansion that goes into place is being done so in the right way," said Ballad Brewing Business Operations Manager Tim Meyers.

Ballad's operation is set up to sell a lot of beer on site and they brew 100 percent of the beer at their location.

Meyers says the bill might actually be helpful for the smaller beer sites.

"It appears that it creates a little bit of protection or gives us a little bit of an advantage being that we are a brewery that produces all of the beer that we sell right here," Meyers said.

Ethan Brown, who owns 2 Witches Winery and Brewing Co., also said the bill would not cause any issues for his establishment.

However, he does believe it will for someone.

"I think the 20 percent is going to impact larger breweries that have equipment capable of producing 20 barrels plus," Brown said.

The bill has passed in the house and will next head to the senate. If passed there, it will go to the governor's desk for final passage.

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