Boutique hotel on the way to downtown South Boston

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SOUTH BOSTON, Va. (WSET) -- A new boutique hotel planned for downtown South Boston is building excitement for a possible economic boom.

Renovations haven't started just yet at the John Randolph hotel in Downtown South Boston, but the town plans to start those within the next year.

"This hotel is gonna breath new economic vitality to all of the town of South Boston and Halifax County," South Boston Town Manager Tom Raab said.

Raab said the town has been trying to renovate the hotel for several years and now they are finally getting the funds they need to get the job done.

"We're bringing a lot to the table, we're bringing about $5.5 million to the table to a developer who will help us come in and develop this property, which we guess is around an $8 million project," Raab said.

The town received millions of dollars between grant money and tax credits. The Tobacco Commission gave the town $600,000 to go towards the hotel at the town's last council meeting.

The hotel will have 27 rooms between three floors, a restaurant on the first floor and the very first rooftop bar for South Boston.

The hotel needs a lot of work at this point, but the town will be breaking ground in 2018 to start the process of revitalization.

"It'll generate a lot of foot traffic coming in," owner of Southern Frills Lauren Tetterton said.

She thinks the hotel will be key for the area.

"I think all the shops here will benefit from that and the hotel will also benefit from us being here," she said. "They'll have more things to do when more people come to visit the area. They can walk, shop, eat and enjoy a lot that South Boston has to offer."

Raab said this hotel will bring in more money for the town overall.

"The economic value of this property is getting it back on the tax roll," he said. "One we'll get the real estate taxes, so will the county."

He said they are probably looking $1.5 million worth of business coming into town.

Raab said they will start to look for a contractor and developer soon to discuss ideas for what the hotel will look like on the inside and outside.

He said the town will hopefully be able to open the doors to the new hotel by Spring of 2019.

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