Boonsboro area, hit hard by storm, working on cleaning up

(Photo courtesy of Chad Lee)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- One hard hit area from the tornado is the Boonsboro area.

There were a lot of trees that fell, but thankfully there wasn't too much damage to homes or vehicles.

"There was brush all up to the house there," said Frank Whitehouse, who's home had storm damage. "We could barely get up to the doors."

Whitehouse was home when the storm came through his neighborhood.

"Before we figured out it was time to head to the basement, maybe two or three minutes, the tornado came over," he said.

And while his yard is a mess, the storm spared his house.

"I'm really shocked," Whitehouse said. "You know, as much damage as there is, I think fortunately, we got lucky."

But others weren't.

One Lynchburg family lost their roof.

"All of a sudden the wind came down, like really really hard, and the windows were pitch white," said Heidi Wilson.

Whitehouse says after seeing all the damage at other homes, he didn't mind cleaning his yard, but even so, he was happy to see student athletes from E.C. Glass High School helping out.

"The community, they came out to watch our games, so we might as well come out to help them get better," said E.C. Glass senior, Malik Andrews.

"I tell you, the Glass guys have been super," Whitehouse said. "They've helped us enormously getting this cleaned up. I wouldn't even think what would have happened. I would have been weeks and weeks and weeks."

While most of the trees have been cleared, for some of the larger ones, those will have to wait until a crane is available.

Another thing they will have to wait for is power - Appalachian Power said their goal is to have power in the area back on by midnight Wednesday.

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