"Bigoted university presidents" vetoed LU joining Sun Belt, CUSA, according to Falwell

Interview with Jerry Falwell, Jr. (WSET)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell, Jr. is claiming that bigoted university presidents are the reason Liberty wasn't able to join the Sun Belt Conference or Conference USA.

Falwell said LU was close to joining the Sun Belt when three member presidents said no.

According to Falwell, the reasons all involved LU's religious mission.

The school said it talked to governors and attorney generals in those states, who almost filed discrimination charges, but LU didn't want to use negativity to move up.

"It's just sad that university presidents who talk about the free expression of ideas, diversity, inclusion, academic freedom are the most intolerant when it comes to comes to conservative Christians. It's just a few of them. Not all of them. Most of them are fine," Falwell said.

In the end, President Falwell said it worked out better because as an Independent in football, they can play better competition.

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