Big forecast change for Florence: heaviest rain likely stays south

Florence Track.JPG

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- As we continue to track the changes to the track of Florence and what it means for us here in the Heart of Virginia-here is the latest thinking:

The National Hurricane Center has shifted the track of Hurricane Florence more to the south, which will lessen the magnitude of the impacts here at home.

Here's the breakdown:

We’ve seen a significant change in the forecast track for Hurricane Florence.

Instead of moving into NC and then moving north into VA, the track has shifted south.

The hurricane will move into NC, then turn left and south into SC.

A southerly track means less of an impact. A track to the north would bring more impacts to Virginia.

We will still see several inches of rain possible this weekend, with a few higher amounts possible.

While major flooding is not expected here, localized flooding is still a concern with the saturated ground.

Less rain for us means more rain and flooding for NC.

Coastal North Carolina could see 20 to 30 inches with even higher amounts.

Significant totals are also likely in portions of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Catastrophic flooding is probable in North Carolina.

Locally in the ABC-13 area, wind gusts of 30mph to 40mph will still be possible into the weekend.

Can’t rule out power outages due to breezy conditions.

As of now, we can’t let our guard down yet, but the forecast has greatly improved for the ABC-13 area.

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