Bedford Co. woman to spend five years behind bars for killing her brother

Vicky Clarke testifying on trial in Bedford County in November 2017 (Photo: WSET)

BEDFORD Co., Va. (WSET) -- A woman who was convicted of killing her brother in Bedford County has been sentenced to prison.

Vicky Clarke was found not guilty of second degree murder, but was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter in November 2017.

Clarke is accused of shooting her brother in October 2015 after he tore up her property with a tractor.

She said maintaining the road they both lived on, Green Mountain Road in Vinton, is a family fight that dates back to the early 90's and that night, she acted in self defense.

Her husband said Clarke's brother, Paul Thomas, had threatened to kill him multiple times and her son said Thomas beat her with a rake in 2011.

Clarke said she was scared of Thomas and bought a gun for self defense after she was beaten.

Her defense argued that the shooting was self defense, but the prosecution said she shot Thomas dead with intent and planned to kill him that night.

Clarke was sentenced to five years behind bars, according to the court's website, which is what the jury recommended.

She has been in jail since she was found guilty in November.

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