Averett Women's Soccer team kicks it at the Boys and Girls Club

    Women's Soccer Team at Averett plays soccer with the children at the Boy's and Girl's Club

    DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) Finding a way to get students to give back. Averett University teamed up with Danville Community College and Piedmont Community College to get students excited about serving their community. It is called "A Week to Engage" Through out the week, there are seventy community service projects that students can partake in.

    The Averett Women's Soccer Team stopped by the Danville Boys and Girls Club.. to teach the kids the fundamentals of soccer.

    Kaitlyn Barbour, a Sophomore at Averett University and on the Women's Soccer team said, "I love coming here..maybe one day I'll have a part with the Boys and Girls Club. I mean they've had an impact on my life..So hopefully I can have one on theirs."

    Last year they had 580 volunteers serve 840-hours during one week.

    This year, they hope to do even more.

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