Averett Nursing students are changing the game when it comes to heart healthy food options

    Averett Nursing Students arrange heart healthy options for God's Storehouse Customers as part of a service learning project

    DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- Heart Health. 9 Nursing Students at Averett University are making a positive impact that they hope will create a chain reaction. As part of a service learning project, the students created healthier alternatives for customers at God's Storehouse. Currently, God's Storehouse has a box of ready to go foods. The nursing students, found alternative healthier food options.

    They found foods lower in sodium, and also give instructions to rinse off canned foods high in sodium .

    A lot of the low income families that shop at God's Store house don't always have the healthiest options available to them.

    They are also hoping the community will be encouraged to donate more heart healthy foods.

    Renita Mayhan and Pretoria Lester are sophomores in the nursing program at Averett University.

    "I would hope that the community would gain a sense of what we need, as far as hypertension needs how to eat healthier, and live longer lives," said Lester.

    This type of project is the first of this kind.

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