Aretha Franklin music lives on at local downtown record store

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    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- The Queen of Soul passed away but her music is being played throughout the country.

    A Vinyl shop in Lynchburg, Speakertree Records has Aretha Franklin's records on display to honor her.

    Blake Gederberg owns Speakertree. He said he loves the community of people his Records store brings in because it's about collecting music rather than consumption of music.

    "It reminds people of their passion and their love for that artist, to the point where they might be like I don't have enough Aretha on Vinyl," said Gederberg.

    Since her passing, Speakertree has this Natural Woman on display as you walk in. "I've listened to her all growing up, there's nobody who doesn't know who she is, she's an icon," said Michaela Williams, a frequenter of the store.

    "She definitely deserves to be presented here today after everything she has done for the music industry," added Williams.

    "Something like this just reminds people of the impact that artist had on them and the world," said Gederberg.

    Her talents transcend the musical sphere.

    "Being a voice for women, for the African American community, she's just a powerful figure, I think she's made a huge impact," said Gederberg.

    Listening to the icon's tunes is the RESPECT this Queen of Soul Deserves.

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