Appomattox County to get high speed internet soon

Appomattox residents result to using high speed internet at the J. Robert Memorial Library when internet at home is too slow or unavailable. (Photo: Whitney Burney)

APPOMATTOX Co. Va., (WSET) -- Appomattox County and Central Virginia Electric Cooperative partnered together to give residents access to high speed internet because, currently, citizens options are very limited.

"We are 50-60-percent not served or under-served with broadband in the entire county," said county administrator Susan Adams.

Adams said because there are a lot of areas in the county with sparse population, internet providers do not offer services there.

"I've never had good internet at my house so it feels very normal," said student Stephen Landrum, who has to go to the J. Robert Jamerson Memorial Library a few times a week to get access to working internet.

"I do homework here usually," Landrum said. "Sometimes I just like to learn new things on Youtube."

According to the county, trouble getting people online is widespread, but after being awarded a grant of nearly $1 million, Appomattox county and CVEC will be expanding broadband capabilities in the town of Appomattox, Pamplin, Stonewall, and Mt. Rush.

"This is creating opportunities not only for the citizens but also for business developments," said Adams. "We live in a digital world and this just creates more opportunities to connect with the outside world."

The project will provide high speed internet access to 36,000 homes and businesses in the county.

CVEC hopes to begin construction for the broadband by fall 2018.

The build out will go on for the next five years.

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