Amherst Co. women celebrate high school graduation milestones


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Two Amherst County adult graduates are celebrating milestones that were years in the making.

Shirley Doss, 70, and her classmate, Carmela Gardner, graduated with hundreds of high school students at the Vines Center.

Both are from Madison Heights and received their GEDs.

Shirley Doss said it had been on her to-do list for some time.

She finally bit the bullet, learned how to use a computer, and she's on the road to success.

"It's been a real blessing, and the teachers and everything have been a great help, and I've really enjoyed going to class," Doss said.

Carmela Gardner also celebrated her new chapter, with her son by her side.

She's originally from Italy and had to quit school to take care of her sick mother.

Now, she has her diploma and she's ready to take on the world.

"It means a lot, because I had to stop, not by my choice, when I was young, so now I want to finish my education, show my son that it's very important," she said.

Gardner plans to attend Central Virginia Community College in the fall.

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