Amherst Co. bus incident raises concern among parents, students

A school bus window was shattered when it hit a stop sign in Madison Heights. (photo credit: Rebekah Milligan)

MADISON HEIGHTS, Va. (WSET) -- Students normally sleep or study on the bus ride to school, but some in Madison Heights said they got a rude awakening on the morning of Monday, March 5.

"Everybody got scared and jumped up and screamed," said Caleb Crook, an Amherst County High School 11th grader who was on the bus.

Students said it happened as the Amherst County school bus turned the corner at Woodys Lake Road and Wildwood Drive.

"He cut the corner too sharp and hit the glass with the stop sign, shattered the glass, dented the bus," said Crook.

"You can see kind of where he hit the stop sign," said Rebekah Milligan, pointing out where the bus impacted the stop sign.

The sign shattered the emergency window, leaving glass scattered on the ground in a resident's yard.

"There were students on the bus near the seats and on the seat where it happened, and he did nothing," Milligan said, referring to the bus driver.

Students said glass also fell inside the bus, and Crook was on the receiving end of a minor hand cut.

"Still feels like there's a piece of glass inside of me," he said.

Despite the damage, students said the driver kept going.

Milligan's Facebook post about the incident drew lots of comments from several other parents and students.

"He had to have been going somewhat fast rounding the corner to hit it, clip it and go off the curb," she said.

"There should be some reprimand for doing [it], because he didn't stop to check on the kids, to see if everybody was okay and nobody was hurt," said Mike Roth, Crook's stepdad.

Parents said the school system also did not notify them about the incident. They reached out to the Amherst County School's Transportation Department, but said they still have no answers.

"They are children, and they are not being safe on these buses and something needs to happen," Milligan said.

ABC 13 reached out to the Amherst County Schools' Transportation Department as well. They declined to comment at this time, but told us they are investigating the incident.

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