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Drivers wrongfully ticketed due to issues with new school zone speed cameras

The speed zone camera outside of Altavista High School on Bedford Ave, taken on July 6, 2022. (Credit: Jacob Hunziker, WSET)
The speed zone camera outside of Altavista High School on Bedford Ave, taken on July 6, 2022. (Credit: Jacob Hunziker, WSET)
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People have been taking to Facebook to bring attention to the new Altavista school zone speed cameras.

In the last month alone, 731 tickets have been issued, from June 6 through July 1, according to a Facebook post from the Altavista Police Department.

But there are some issues that people are bringing attention to. The speed camera system went active in early May to help police slow down speeding drivers. Dozens of people have taken to Facebook over the last few weeks saying they were ticketed and shouldn't have been.

Phillip Ashby is one of the drivers that received a ticket. He said he got his ticket when school wasn't in session.

"I got to looking at it, and my ticket was on June the 2nd," Ashby explained. "Which no school is involved."

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He also said there was no indication that the school zone was active.

"And I didn't see no blinking lights when I come down through," Ashby said.

Jermaine Woodruff is another driver that was ticketed. Like Ashby, he says that he had no way of knowing he needed to slow down.

"The lights were not flashing when I come through here," Woodruff explained. "And I received a ticket for running 36 mph in a 35 zone."

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Another resident said through a Facebook message that the timing every morning for the school zones had changed because of summer school and that wasn't clear either. But there is good news: you may be able to get your ticket dismissed.

"My ticket was dismissed yesterday," Woodruff said. "I told him about what was going on and he did dismiss it for me."

Like Woodruff, Ashby says they're taking care of his ticket.

"I took it up to Town Hall and the woman told me she would take care of it," Ashby explained.

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The Altavista Police Department admitted there are some kinks in the new system in a July 5 Facebook post.

If you were ticketed outside of the June 6 through July 1 summer school window, they have said they'll take care of it.

They also said that if the lights weren't flashing to indicate the school zone, they may be able to dismiss your ticket as well.

Wrongly ticketed drivers just need to stop by the police department, and they will review all tickets on a case-by-case basis.

APD said they've identified several issues with the program and are taking steps to correct them.

They also said this is a brand new program and request patience as they work out the kinks to make sure it is fair for everyone involved.

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